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ID Tech Squads After School - Ages 13 - 17

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Teens connected virtually by computers
The perfect online option for students ages 7-17 seeking the live, collaborative, instructor-leg experiences.  Enrichment alongside others is a vital social component.  Continue advancing skills, engaging with other students, and building confidence with the magic of Squads After School.  Classes offered in 4 week sessions on the day and time of your choice from the following:  Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays  4 PM or 7 PM  or Saturdays 11 AM or 2 PM.  Four 90-minute classes on the day and time of your choice-what more could you ask for?

Register and pay through Northampton and receive a discount code so you can register with ID Tech at a lower rate!  As soon as Parks and Recreation receives payment, we will send you the code and instructions to register on the ID Tech website.  We are excited to work in collaboration with ID Tech to bring these exciting virtual options home to your child!

Squads forming for ages 13-17!
(Six Courses Available)
Python: Arcade Game Design (Chromebook-friendly)
Quarter, after quarter, after quarter. Even at fifty cents or a dollar a play, arcade games have a draw and design that keeps players wanting more—no matter the barrier. Dedicated players know what gets more points and how to increase their standing on a leaderboard. You’ll code games in Python inspired by classic standbys and see how that focus on simplicity in design and replayability has been replicated in countless mobile and modern games. While you learn to code, you’ll create something that players don’t want to walk away from.

  • Declare, initialize, and use variables

  • Work with strings, characters, and algorithms

  • Solve programming challenges with logic and code

  • Read and respond to user input

  • Create and edit graphics with PyGame

Code Remix: Apps and Games (Chromebook-friendly)
When it comes to coding, you don’t need to start with a plain “Hello World” before you create something cool. With Glitch, you can design and launch your own webpage in no time using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Jump right into modifying a space invaders game, banging out beats on a drum machine, or expressing your life story in a text adventure. Your skills will develop as you explore those various projects, building off the foundations others have laid. When you find something you love, there’s always more to learn and unpack.

  • Remix projects with JavaScript

  • Use arrays, loops, and if statements

  • Modify different types of apps and games

  • Explore CSS and HTML

Java Coding: Card Games and Algorithms (Chromebook-friendly)
Challenge your friends in games like, Rummy, War, Crazy Eights, or other popular games. You can design and implement different card games and features, so while you code a program to shuffle the deck, deal, or maybe even play a round for you, you can learn about how card games are built and balanced. With your growing ability to code in Java and deeper understanding of the algorithms behind card games, you'll even be able to take a crack at building your own.

  • Code projects in Java

  • Use arrays, loops, and if statements

  • Identify variables, data types, classes, and constructors

  • Implement search and sort algorithms

  • Create card game mechanics

YouTube: Streaming FX and Post Production
Get right into the thick of editing, recording voiceover, adding effects, and turning gameplay videos into YouTube-worthy content! You'll have a few pre-recorded game videos to choose from, and from there you can learn what turns an average video into something that gets subscribers and shares. Of course, if you've got the equipment, you can provide your own recordings as well, but no matter what, the editing chops you'll build up here will take you down the path to YouTube and video-editing mastery.

  • Produce gameplay videos for YouTube

  • Edit game streaming recordings

  • Add post production effects to videos

  • Practice digital citizenship

Game Development: Third-Person Games in Unity
You're running away from an enemy, jumping past obstacles, and navigating a level. You need to do something, but what ability do you use? That's for you to decide and create! Start with a game and code-base in Unity and C#. From there, you can customize your character, create abilities, modify their stats, design and implement weapons, and more! Anything you create you can share with your Squadmates, from art assets to abilities and weapons. Whether you want to dive deep into C# or focus on high-level game design and mechanics, you’ll create an experience that’s all your own.

  • Use game objects, models, and levels to create game environments

  • Program interactions with C#

  • Use ProBuilder to prototype level design

  • Think in 3D to create interactive experiences

  • Develop coding and design skills

  • Create art assets with MagicaVoxel

Minecraft Modding: Custom Mobs with Java
Design better dungeons with more advanced mobs. Whether you make them stronger and more intimidating, or friendly and kind, the choice is yours. Not only can you design mobs to better fit the world you’re creating—like a skeleton that can ride a polar bear...and use a pole-arm and sword at the same time—but you can also give players who delve into your map something to fear or look forward to! Using Java code, you can customize mobs even further, creating zombies with new stats, changing their textures, or tweaking settings so that familiar enemies seem fresh and new. Now is your chance to create something that no Minecraft player has ever seen before!

  • Create custom Minecraft mobs

  • Use variables, functions, and control structures to customize Minecraft

  • Code in Java

  • Develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills

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