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ID Tech Squads After School - Ages 7-9

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The perfect online option for students ages 7-17 seeking the live, collaborative, instructor-leg experiences.  Enrichment alongside others is a vital social component.  Continue advancing skills, engaging with other students, and building confidence with the magic of Squads After School. Classes offered in 4 week sessions on the day and time of your choice from the following:  Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays  4 PM or 7 PM  or Saturdays 11 AM or 2 PM

Register and pay through Northampton and receive a discount code so you can register with ID Tech at a lower rate!  As soon as Parks and Recreation receives payment, we will send you the code and instructions to register on the ID Tech website.  We are excited to work in collaboration with ID Tech to bring these exciting virtual options home to your child!

Virtual Robotics: Castle Crashers(Chromebook-friendly)
Smash into virtual walls to tear down randomly generated castles, teach a robot to become the next Picasso, or navigate labyrinths with a virtual VEX robot. With Scratch coding blocks, you'll drag and drop commands to learn AI and computational thinking. As you gather data from sensors, respond to input, and complete challenges that test your skills, you’ll spark a lifelong love of problem-solving—and the joy of wreaking robotic mayhem in a safe, virtual environment. 

  • Program robotics with graphical code blocks

  • Code virtual robots to crash into obstacles

  • Navigate a maze with code

  • Teach a virtual robot to draw a picture

Club Roblox: Floor is Lava!
Get your squad together and get down to Obby business. The floor is lava, the platforms are filled with fire, and there’s only so much time before the explosions begin! Every day, you'll try to beat a new Obby and a new challenge. You’ll play, escape, and then turn to creation—making your own levels and adding your favorite features, obstacles, and mechanics. With Roblox, there's no need to go it alone. You'll grab your classmates (fellow Robloxians) and your instructor to build something together with Team Create. 

  • Create and publish games to the Roblox website

  • Develop and design an Obby

  • Learn game design fundamentals

  • Work with Lua scripts

Club Minecraft: Bed Wars
In Minecraft, you’ve got to keep your bed safe, or you can’t respawn! So go to bed, wake-up, respawn, and continue in your quest to be the only Minecrafter on the map who can sleep. When no one else can wake up warm and comfy, you’ll be victorious. Minecraft is fun to play, but it’s best when you make it your own, creating, breaking, and changing the game so it's more meaningful to you. With the power of command blocks and other Minecraft features, you'll get together with a squad of new friends and play some of your other favorites! Between your rounds of exploration and play, you'll build features and areas inspired by the mini-games you love that make Minecraft so great. 

  • Connect to multiplayer servers

  • Build redstone circuits and machines

  • Utilize command blocks to enhance maps

  • Develop planning and design skills

Club Minecraft: Defeat the Ender Dragon!
The biggest challenge of Survival mode is beating the Ender Dragon. Learn strategies and techniques to defeat the biggest enemy in the game. After you’ve put to practice some of the best Survival mode tips, delve further into Minecraft. See how you can construct items, or build new areas in Creative mode. With command blocks and redstone, you can do more than the original creators ever imagined. After you can beat the Ender Dragon, that’s when the game really begins. 

  • Strategies to defeat the Ender Dragon

  • Build redstone circuits and machines

  • Utilize command blocks to enhance maps

  • Develop planning and design skills

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