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Butterfly Garden of Remembrance Information

Butterfly Garden of Remembrance
The Northampton Township Business & Professional Association and Northampton Township have partnered to establish the “ The Northampton Township Butterfly Garden of Remembrance” at the Municipal Park on Hatboro Road, Churchville.  The goal is to  provide a tranquil setting of solace where residents can honor and reflect upon the lives of their loved ones.  The vision for the garden includes a variety of trees, shrubs and  lowers that have interest throughout the four seasons, as well as walkways, engraved pavers and benches.  

There are a variety of options available for individuals and groups who would like to honor a  loved one.  We hope this garden will serve to offer comfort and peace for you, the  community.

The Northampton Township Business & Professional Association shall coordinate fundraising and awareness events, and manage the donation of items to the garden.  There are a variety of ways for individuals, groups, businesses or organizations to get involved, including our brick program, the donation of specific trees, plants, benches or statuary, and cash donations towards the future expansion of the garden.  Details can be found at the links below, call 215-357-6800 x 249 or email: